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Why You Need Property title search?

If you've decided to purchase or lease a property i.e., Open Land, Agriculture Land, Industrial Land, Building, Apartment/Flat, Godown etc., or lease the property for long term and hope to take possession as soon as possible. The terms have been agreed upon and all the financial arrangements have been made. But there's one important detail remaining. Before the transaction can close, a title search i.e., Property Document Verification and Legal opinion on the property , must be made.

At small expense, protect your selves from huge risk (if any). Now a days Vendors do not obtain proper approval, permissions and requisite orders to sell the property. Hence it is purchaser’s prerogative to obtain legal opinion on property documents before heading with the home loan or agreement.

Required Property Document for Verification:

  1. Latest Registered property Document
  2. And all Its Link documents ( Government Orders, Court orders, Pahanies, Pattedar Pass Books, and all registered documents of the Property)
  3. Conversion Order (From Agriculture land to Non Agriculture Land)
  4. Order under Urban Land Ceiling Act (If Applicable)
  5. Lay Out Permission
  6. Building Permission (if Applicable)
  7. Land Regularization Order (if layout is without permission)
  8. Building Regularization order (if Building is constructed without Permission or with deviation)
  9. Land Tax Receipts(if Applicable)
  10. Property Tax Receipt(If Applicable)
  11. Other document if any, which may be ancillary or supplementary documents

Uncertainties end here...Fast and precise Title search Report

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